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Post Processing ScriptThis option must be checked before the session will use Post-Processing scripting.
Script Language

Select the scripting language used in the script file.

  • VBScript
  • JScript
Script FileSelect the script file to use.
(This script file must exist in the Scripts data directory.
Script FunctionSelect the desired script function to be invoked when this terminal session receives data.
TestThis button provides a simple option to test an invocation of your script function.

In the example configuration above the "ForceToUpperCase" function is selected from the "PostProcessingSample.vbs" script file.

The code snippet below illustrates this function.


(These files are both located in the Scripts directory referenced above.) 

PostProcessingSample.vbsThis script file includes a number of example post-processing functions and event handlers.
Indigo Scripting Host API.txtThis is a text document that defines the available methods and events provided by the scripting "Host" object.