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Indigo's provides a unique size and positioning feature called Window States.
Each Window State represents the position in the Indigo application on screen and the size of the Indigo application window.  

You can use this Window State feature to store and recall the Indigo application to specific sizes and locations on screen.

The Window States can be accessed using the following options:

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Saving/Editing a Window State

There are five window state slot locations that you can store to.
Simply set the program window to the location on the screen and to the size that you like, then click the Save Window State option on one of the menus or toolbars.

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A Windows State editor will be displayed allowing you to select the state number (1-5) and provide a state friendly name.
You can also optionally choose if the Window State should persist both size and position or just size or position. 

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When you have the configuration complete, click the OK button to save the Window State.

Application Toolbar

Windows States can be access form the application toolbar Windows States Toolbar.

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Tools Menu

Windows States can be access form the Tools Menu.