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Page: Advanced Send Commands (Indigo Terminal Emulator)
 A screencast demonstration using the advanced send command syntax is available. Click here to see the video. Overview When communicating with certain equipment or embedded devices, it may be desirabl…
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Page: Advanced Send Commands Screencast (Indigo Terminal Emulator)
Detailed usage instructions for this feature can be found here: Advanced Send Commands (Click on the video window above to play the video clip.) If you cannot see the video, you can use the following …
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Page: Automated Send Commands (Indigo Terminal Emulator)
Overview Indigo includes a feature for automatically issuing instruction commands to a terminal session at the time of device/host connection and/or disconnection.Indigo includes support for both sess…
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Page: File Transfer (Serial) (Indigo Terminal Emulator)
Overview Indigo includes a file transfer for serial connections that can transfer the a file to or from the connected device/host.   Please note that this is a different feature from the Transmit File…
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