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Indigo supports a Session Manager widget tool that allows you to create and manage all your terminal sessions.  
The Session Manager widget provides a tree-based hierarchy where you can group terminal sessions into multiple nested folders for better organization.   

(Hovering the mouse cursor over a session instance will display some session configuration information in a tooltip.)

View Menu

The Session Manager widget can be displayed using the View Menu.

Widget Docking, Pinning, Re-sizing

Widget docking, pinning, re-sizing, etc information is listed here.


You will most likely prefer to have the Session Manager widget permanent available (docked or pinned) for quick access to launch your pre-configured terminal sessions.

User Interface

The Session Manager user interface consists of a tree listing of terminal sessions with a single options toolbar.

The Session Manager widget options are listed below.

New Session

This option will provide a drop-down listing of connection types to create a new terminal session instance.
If the desired connection type list not listed, please select the Other Terminal Session option. 

Web Shortcuts can also be created in the Session Manager widget. This shortcuts simply open a URL using your default web browser.

Group Filter

This option provides a listing of the groups defined in your session tree.
Selecting a group will filter the displayed session instances to only those that belong to or are descendants of that group.

Context Menu

The Session Manager widget also supports a right-click context menu that provides session management options.

Context Menu when a Group is selectedContext Menu when a Session is selected

The Session Manager widget context menu options are listed below.

Add GroupThis option will create a new group at the selected location in the session tree.
Remove GroupThis option will remove the selected group from the session tree. 
Open SessionThis option will launch/open the selected terminal session.
Add SessionThis option can be used to create a new terminal session or web shortcut.
Remove SessionThis option will remove the selected terminal session from the listing.
(This option permanently deletes the terminal session and its configuration.
 Move SessionThis option can be used to move an existing terminal session to a new group container.
 RenameThis option will prompt the user to rename the existing group or session.
Auto Load on StartupThis option will enable/disable the selected terminal session to automatically load when the Indigo application is started.
Edit Session PropertiesThis option will open the Session Properties editor for the selected terminal session.

Auto Load Sessions (Auto-Start)

The Session Manager widget will display any session that is configured to auto-load on start-up with a green arrow icon () and blue bold text.

Open Sessions

The Session Manager widget will display any session that is currently open in Indigo with green bold text.

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