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Indigo supports a Multi-Command feature that allows you to chain together multiple commands into a single command line expression.

Command 1DelimiterCommand Two
command-one| (pipe)command-two



When the command line is submitted, Indigo looks for the multi-command delimiter and then separates the command into multiple commands and transmits them individually to the connected device/host. 
Indigo will include the command terminating characters at the end of each individual command (unless it is an advanced send command). 

You can use the Multi-Command syntax to separate Advanced Send Command expressions.


Session Properties

The Multi-Command feature can be enabled, disabled, an customized in the Session Properties editor on the Advanced tab.

If this option is enabled, the terminal session will support Multi-Commands.   
You can also change the multi-command delimiter character on this configuration panel.


Some devices/hosts may need the use of the pipe "|" character thus you can choose to disable the multi-command or change the multi-command delimiter to another character.



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