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In the Standard View Mode, Indigo includes a Line Tracking feature that helps track the cursor to newly received data in the session data window.
This allows new data to be made visible in the continuous scrolling data window as it is received.  

The Line Tracking feature is enabled by default.

Session Status Icon

The following session status icon is displayed when Line Tracking is suspended. 

Line TrackingThis icon is displayed when the cursor is placed in the data window on a line of data and the session is not longer actively tracking (scrolling) to newly received data. 
Click the icon to jump to the newest data line and resume line tracking. (auto-scrolling)

Suspend Line Tracking

If you need to inspect/review portions of the received data you can suspend Line Tracking by placing the cursor on the data line.
Indigo will suspend Line Tracking when the cursor in the session data windows is focused to a line other than the last line of data. 
When Line Tracking is suspended a session status icon will be displayed in the session data window.

Resuming Line Tracking

To resume line tracking, you can either click the status icon or set the cursor to the last data line in the session data window.

Session Properties

The Formatting tab in the Session Properties editor tab can be used to Force New Line Tracking.
If this option is enabled, then Indigo will always track to the new data line.  
In this mode you cannot suspend the Line Tracking behavior. 

Force New Line TrackingIn the Standard view mode, if this option is enabled then all newly received data is automatically displayed in view in the session data window. 
This option will force the data window to automatically scoll to the bottom line to display new data.
If this option is disabled, Indigo uses the standard line tracking behavior described here