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Indigo include this tool providing users the ability to define their own custom data format.
Users can configure a session to render data bytes received using this custom data format.  

Tools Menu

You can access the Custom Data Conversion Format Editor from the Tools Menu.

Custom Data Conversion Format Editor

The Custom Data Conversion Format Editor displays bytes from 1 to 255.  

Each column represents a different display representation for the bytes.  
You can select a cell to configure a byte's data representation.  
The green highlighted cells indicate which data representation will be rendered for the data byte. 

The Custom column allows users to enter their own text to be rendered for a data byte.
You can mix and match data format representations.   

When your custom configuration is complete, click the Close button to save the custom data format.
(You can also create new custom data format files or open an alternate custom data format file using the toolbar options.


The following screenshot is an example of data bytes 1 though 10 being rendered using the custom data configuration shown below.

This is the custom data format configuration applied to this example.
Note that byte #5 could not be rendered because 0x05 (<ENQ>) is not a valid/render-able ASCII character.  

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