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Indigo typically transmits data commands as entire chunks of data in large packets.  However, some device may not be able to process large data packets or fast data transmissions.

For these cases, Indigo supports a character and line delay feature to limit/throttle the rate of data transmissions.  

Session Properties

You can enabled this feature in the Session Properties editor under the Advanced tab to buffer the outgoing command data and inject delays intervals between character and line transmissions.  
This feature may be necessary when working with limited resource embedded devices. 

Session Status Icon

While Indigo is buffering outbound data and in the process of transmitting it using character or line delays, the following status icon will be displayed. 

Outbound Data Buffering

This icon is displayed when outbound data is being buffered and transmitted to the connected session on a buffered basis.
Outbound data buffering will only be present when the Character and Line Delay option is enabled.
You can click this icon to abort transmitting the remaining buffered data.


The number of remaining buffered bytes is displayed in the status icon.


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